`Children of Ruin`, `Hook Line and Sinker`,Contemporary Geography , Annette Andre and Friends of Fame

Ben Lewis, Elouise Sheehan, Emily Hartley, Fergus Jeffs , Anna Lewis and Alex Lewczuk welcome geographer Josephine Westlake to the programme, consider cute animal eating habits, and share politics with William Coles in Edinburgh, music with Frankie Swain, showbusiness experiences with Annette Andre in San Diego, the legacy of the Fame TV series with the wonderful Paul Rosenbaum, awesome new novels from Adrian Tchaikovsky, the plural of Octopus as well as some closing thoughts from Robin Pierce in Wales and Phil Leirness in Los Angeles together with a bonus feature with England legends David & Frankie Seaman.


Rabbits, Greece, David Cameron`s Schooldays, Annette Andre, Native Voices and MS Awareness

Elouise Sheehan, Ben Lewis, Anna Lewis, William Coles, Abigail Lemay, Annette Andre, Jean Bruce Scott, Robin Pierce, George Pepper and Alex Lewczuk take another encyclopaedic audio overview of matters cultural and quirky.


Sci-Fi Scarborough, Annette Andre and Web challenges

Ben Lewis, Elouise Sheehan, Rory McGowan and Midweek Drive newbie Ellen Grainger move from Anna Lewis in London to William Coles in Edinburgh.  Actresses Fiona Curzon and Annette Andre provide some perceptive thoughts on the state of the Nation before Star Trek Guru Larry Nemecek and Sci-Fi Scarborough Founder Steve Dickinson wax lyrical on the current state of quality conventions before Director/Producer Phil Leirness weighs in with some fascinating thoughts on web-hacking and conspiracy.


Edinburgh, Sci-Fi Scarborough, Annette Andre, Sci-Fi London and Ayshea Brough

Elouise Sheehan, Bethany Gulliver, Eva Macdonald and Alex Lewczuk find out what Abigayle Lemay is doing in Edinburgh, discuss the Academy Awards with William Coles and Graeme Harper, connect with Sci-Fi Scarborough`s very own Steve Dickinson, hear another fascinating homily from Annette Andre in San Diego, welcome the legendary Ayshea Brough and Sam Stone to the programme and find out about the latest edition of Celestial Toyroom with Alan Stevens and the latest news on Sci-Fi London with Louis Savy in another packed to the limit edition of TMD.


Lincoln Book Festival 2019, Malmo, Annette Andre, Tosca Lee and ComicCon Liverpool

Eva Macdonald, Ben Lewis, Abigayle Lemay, Elouise Sheehan and Alex Lewczuk pilot the Midweek Drive to the Chair of the Lincoln Book Festival Phil Hamlyn Williams, Edinburgh with William Coles, Danish singer/songwriter Maria Malmo, Actress Annette Andre in San Diego, Writer Tosca Lee in Nebraska, Actor Phil Hurd-wood in Little London and Starburst Lead writer Robin Pierce in Wales.


The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Annette Andre, JLS, Veganism and the return of William Sitwell

Becki Morgan-Phillips, Rory McGowan, Ben Lewis, Gabriella Peralta, Richard Fitzwilliams, Ian Lennox and Alex Lewczuk discuss canine travelling companions with Sarah Gordon from PAWS , young farmers with JB Gill, writing her autobiography with Annette Andre, Veganism with Loui Blake, Coping with debt challenges with debt hacker founder Alan Campbell and welcome culinary critic William Sitwell back to the Midweek Drive broadcasting family.


Annette Andre, `Where Have I Been All My Life ? `, Nobu Su and Perri Shakes-Drayton

Ben Lewis, Keera Allsebrook, Becki Morgan-Philips, Bill Coles, Alex Lewczuk, Annette Andre, Arthur Weingarten, Nobu Su, Perri Shakes-Drayton and Phil Leirness take their positions to guide the first Midweek Drive of October 2018 through memoirs, banking crises, athletics and diversity.


Liv Austen, Sally Barker, `Reflections from the Amazon`, Annette Andre, `Art` The Lincoln Book Festival and Florence Langhorn

Florence Langhorn concludes her expedition to the East Midlands and is formally welcomed as a Midweek Drivette by Anna Lewis in London, William Coles in Edinburgh and studio copresenters Malcolm Tomlinson, Dr Amy Culley and Drill Hall maestro/writer Phil Hamlyn Williams. With additional debuts from singer/songwriters Liv Austen and Sally Barker coupled with news of the York Maze, adventurer extraordinaire Pip Stewart, the imminent release of the Annette Andre autobiography AND film-maker Phil Leirness with his ever perceptive Los Angeles comments, another 2 hour audio adventure is released to the Universe.


Mull of Kintyre, The V & A , Moonshot and Annette Andre

William Coles launches the programme from an iconic Scottish location before Anna Lewis reports in from the Victoria and Albert museum in South Kensington. Christian Arcabowicz, Tessa Snart, Shaeleigh Mackenzie, Lauren Wood and Alex Lewczuk then welcome Dan Kent to the programme with 2 of his musical compositions before the awesome Annette Andre provides another inspirational audio letter from San Diego.


Facebook, Sleeping Policemen, Annette Andre, Jessica Ward and Sarah Huntley

The last midweek drive of June 2018 connects Shaeleigh Mackenzie with Alex Lewczuk, William Coles, Anna Lewis, Annette Andre,Chloey Rose, Jessica Ward, Sarah Huntley and Phil Leirness on the day Germany were beaten by South Korea.