Stoicism, Miranda Oh. Choosing Pets, `Control` `Picard` and Star Trek

Jessica Burtis, Elouise Sheehan, Eva Macdonald, Emily Boston, Keera Allsebrook and Alex Lewczuk welcome Dr Dawn Harper, Canadian author Miranda Oh,Dr Scott Miller, Tessa Snart, Dr Trek aka Larry Nemecek, Phil Leirness and Robin Pierce to the first February Midweek Drive of the year.


Apollo 11, Courtney Cannon, Native Voices and the 2019 San Diego Comic Con

Robin Pierce , Fergus Jeffs, Emma Street, Eva Macdonald, Anna Lewis, William Coles and Alex Lewczuk connect with Virginia Based Courtney Cannon, Student Vet Zoe Jamison, Writer/Producer Arthur Weingarten, `Dr Trek` Larry Nemecek, Writers Samantha Lee Howe and David J Howe before wrapping up with some key reflections on Native Voices in the USA from the awesome Randy Reinholz in a special commemorative lunar exploration edition of The Midweek Drive.


Scooters, Mexico, The Universe & Shatner Claus

Dave Walker returns to the programme with news of his awesome Scooter events, The New Theatre Royal Lincoln Panto and together with Ben Lewis, Rory MacGowan and Keera Lewis connect with Anna Lewis in London, William Coles in Edinburgh, Mike Dooley in Mexico, Luke Corradine in France and Larry Nemecek & Phil Leirness in Los Angeles.


Graham J, Destination Star Trek, J-Ro, SFX magazine and Haunting LA

Graham J reveals his cover version of Under Pressure before Larry Nemecek reflects on his latest Star Trek news, J-Ro looks back to the LA premier of Ilana Rein`s movie `Perception`  and Richard Edwards connects the World`s Number 1 SF and fantasy magazine with Phil Leirness in California in a sequence which also welcomes Tessa Snart back to the studio.


Graduation, Roadkill cuisine, Oregon Shakespeare festivals and Jean-Luc Picard

Executive Chef from Rockliffe Hall Aaron Craig, University of Lincoln Events Officer Heather Knox, Tessa Snart, Shaeleigh Mackenzie, Lauren Wood and Alex Lewczuk move from Anna Lewis in Twickenham to William Coles in Edinburgh. Baylen Leonard and Leah Ross discuss the Birthplace of Country Music and their upcoming festival in Leicestershire followed by Native Voices founders Jean Bruce Scott and Randy Reinholz, `Dr Trek` Larry Nemecek, and directors Graeme Harper and Phil Leirness considering TV viewing habits and the correct pronunciation of Cecil B Demille.


Eva on a Zipwire. Poezest . Dr and the Medics and Star Trek TNG secret files

More details on Lincoln Big Soup with Philip Hamlyn Williams, Eva Macdonald from Wales, Larry Nemecek. Clive Jackson. Phil Leirness and the return of Graeme Harper ensure the programme reaches a suitable Skype challenged climax.


Star Trek Files, Gotham by Gaslight and the world of DC.

Hannah Brown, Robin Pierce, Larry Nemecek, Philip Hurd-Wood and Alex Lewczuk come to terms with Skype challenges , belated Birthday gifts and the civility of Star Trek as the programme proceeds across part 2.


Mindful Drinking, The SFX Books Event, Star Trek Files and Paul Zollo

Laura Willoughby MBE Founder of Club Soda launches the second hour followed by Editor Richard Edwards looking ahead to the amazing SFX Charing Cross Foyles event, and the brief delightfully unexpected returns of Dr Trek Larry Nemecek and premier Voice artist/writer Phillip Hurd-Wood before songwriter and music journalist Paul Zollo casts his critical ear over the work of Barnaby Packer.


Tiki Lounge, Lila, Star Trek Podcasts and Fuzz Aldrin

Merrill Fankhauser discusses his latest awesome music with Tessa Snart before Larry Nemecek guides Hannah Brown to a whole new series of premier Trek podcasts and Lily Holleman provides another update on Fuzz Aldrin and news of the premiere of her latest exemplary movie.


Back n`Blue `The Old Land`, Star Trek and Crazy ex-Girlfriend

Ace musician James Litherland discusses his latest album before Shaeleigh, Estera and Alex discuss movie-making in Romanina with Philip Hurd-wood, female animators and the Los Angeles Breakfast Club with Lily Holleman and Star Trek narratives with Larry Nemecek.