A quartet of quality on TMD

With another fabulous Michele Monro choice launching the second hour of the Midweek Drive, its a top return to the station for ace singer/tutor/former Legs & Co dancer Rosemary Langhorn who even inspires Natalie Tuck to send in a text. Meanwhile Alex Lewczuk and Ed Wellman read out questions/comments from Colm and other fans of her work whilst Katie Grimason, Hannah O`Brien and Natasha Turney prepare to be choreographed by Rosie in 2013- All this and Derek Hambley from Tenth Planet productions AND ace actress Lily Holleman talking about her upcoming Christmas play at the LA Geffen Playhouse. ( original TX for `The Midweek Drive` on www.sirenonline.co.uk for Wed Nov 7th 2012 )

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