From Airwolf to Magnum P.I , Native Voices, Legs & Co , Mallorca & Jive Ponies on The Midweek Drive

An amazing audio almanac of ace actualities with Jean Bruce Scott ( Airwolf, Magnum P.I., St Elsewhere, Native Voices ), Professor  Randy Reinholz ( Days of our Lives, Native Voices co-founder ), Rosie Langhorn ( `Guys & Dolls, `Legs & Co ), Ed Wellman, Katie Grimason & Alex Lewczuk in conversation with Lincoln Inspired www.lincolninspired.co.uk  patron Peter Kerr www.peter-kerr.co.uk , Jive Pony Founder Rebecca Townsend www.jive-pony.co.uk , author/producer Ian Lennox and gastronome William Sitwell www.williamsitwell.com  ( original TX for `The Midweek Drive Morning Edition` on www.sirenonline.co.uk Thursday April 11th 2013 )

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