From `Antiques Uncovered` to `Two days in New York` to Sherry in Spain on The Midweek Drive

A quadruple whammy of audio goodness commencing with BBC Antiques Expert Mark Hill in conversation with Alex Lewczuk about the latest BBC2 series `Antiques Uncovered` , followed by Natalie Tuck chatting with the Managing Director of Lincoln Company Running Imp www.runningimp.co.uk Chris Illsley, after which Actress Extraodinaire Julie Delpy makes her TMDME debut and talks about her latest movie `Two Days in New York` and her superb Musical compositions, before the team connect with Culinary Expert and editor William Sitwell currently tasting Sherry in Spain ( original TX for The Midweek Drive Morning Edition on www.sirenonline.co.uk Thursday May 10th 2012 )

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