Inspirational news and views on The Midweek Drive

The second TMD for April 2013 brings the welcome return of singer/songwriter/dancer/ Italia Conti graduate Rosemary Langhorn back to the studio after a gap of two decades and together with Alex Lewczuk, Nichola Clancy, Katie Grimason & Ed Wellman provide a tour de force of inspiration encompassing another top Maple Star Music & Video tune from Cameron Tilbury in Las Vegas ( together with Seth Alley) some key inspirational views from Florida guru Mike Dooley www.tut.com in Florida and the wonderful Liz Brewer www.lizbrewer.com reflecting on her recent work on teaching etiquette in Moscow ( original TX for `The Midweek Drive` on Wed April 10th 2013 for www.sirenonline.co.uk )


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