Marina Fiorato- The Botticelli Secret

With a Classical musical intro from Vivaldi, ace author Marina Fiorato www.marinafiorato.com returns to Southside to share some of the fascinating production points behind her latest novel `The Botticelli Secret` and looks ahead to her upcoming session on Monday 26th July at Marton library for the second Middlesbrough book festival.

With all 3 of her books `The Glassblower of Murano`, `The Madonna of the Almonds` AND `The Botticelli Secret`  having been selected as a Book of the Month on our regular BOTM podcast in association with Middlesbrough library services- the Fiorato magic is in full force and it`s surely only a matter of time before other fine Fiorato family members make their Southside debuts ( a series on Renaissance Italy may well be in the offing :) )

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