Phil Leirness , Terriers, Native Voices Richard Fitzwilliams , Rosie Langhorn , Jean Bruce Scott +

Studio debuts for top co-founders of Native Voices at the Autry and regular LA correspondents Jean Bruce Scott & Randy Reinholz, the second show of the current Millennium for Rosie Langhorn, Alex Lewczuk, Lincoln Inspired`s very own Steve Cawte, www.lincolninspired.co.uk  Ed Wellman & Katie Grimason connect firstly with Phil Leirness in Los Angeles, before checking out the station terrriers with Minty Steade and connecting with Film Critic and Royal Correspondent Richard Fitzwilliams  www.richardfitzwilliams.com provide a turbo charged launch for The Midweek Drive Morning Edition ( original TX for `The Midweek Drive Morning Edition` on www.sirenonline.co.uk Thursday April 11th 2013 )

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