The Diamond Jubilee Cake-Off Challenge , Equitrek Bramham International Horse trials and more

The First Midweek Drive Morning Edition Cake- Baking Challenge comes to a climax just ahead of the Diamond Jubilee weekend with Hannah O`Brien, Natalie Tuck, Tiffany Freeman, Amy Ellice and Natasha Turney competing for the fantastic prizes of a family Ticket to the 2012 Great Yorkshire Show, a signed Jessica Frech CD AND a signed copy of William Sitwell`s sensational new book `a History of the World in 100 recipes`. The sequence also includes comments from judges Carolyn Williams & Chris Illsley as well as updates on the 2012 Bramham International Horse trials with Winnie Murphy, how Australian Belinda Wanis www.belleabouttown.com & Horse-racing commentator/Actor Malcolm Tomlinson www.malcolmtomlinson.com are celebrating the Jubilee, as well as William Sitwell www.williamsitwell.com unveiling a new Jubilee dish ( original TX for The Midweek Drive Morning Edition on www.sirenonline.co.uk Thursday May 31st 2012 )

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