Chloey Rose- `Hearts on the Line`

The assembled team of Graeme Harper, Sarah Huntley, Robin Pierce, Rebecca Bond are followed by Rupert Baker and from the USA, Jean Bruce Scott, Jessica Burtis & Phil Leirness with a common theme- Their thoughts on the latest musical offering and release from fellow Midweek Drivette Chloey Rose


Jean Bruce Scott, Ilana Rein , Channel Zed, Presidential Debates and Sweet Tea

Actress and co-founder of Native Voices Jean Bruce Scott in conversation with Jessica Burtis in North Carolina and Director Ilana Rein and considering a range of topics from contemporary US Politics to sweet tea and Zombies.


San Diego, North Carolina, Los Angeles, Lincoln and Fuzz Aldrin

Another superb zoomer with Randy Reinholz, Jean Bruce Scott, Jessica Burtis, Phil Leirness, Alex Lewczuk, Jemma Joy and the legendary Fuzz Aldrin in which the conversation encompasses Native Voices, Stanislavsky, Authenticity, Joy and more.


Jerry Harwood, Native Voices , Tennessee and San Diego

Author Jerry Harwood discusses his latest work `Jam Sessions` after which Jean Bruce Scott & Randy Reinholz make a long-awaited return to The Midweek Drive and have another inspirational and informative Trans-Atlantic Zoomer with Jemma Joy & Alex Lewczuk.


Apollo 11, Courtney Cannon, Native Voices and the 2019 San Diego Comic Con

Robin Pierce , Fergus Jeffs, Emma Street, Eva Macdonald, Anna Lewis, William Coles and Alex Lewczuk connect with Virginia Based Courtney Cannon, Student Vet Zoe Jamison, Writer/Producer Arthur Weingarten, `Dr Trek` Larry Nemecek, Writers Samantha Lee Howe and David J Howe before wrapping up with some key reflections on Native Voices in the USA from the awesome Randy Reinholz in a special commemorative lunar exploration edition of The Midweek Drive.


Graduation, Roadkill cuisine, Oregon Shakespeare festivals and Jean-Luc Picard

Executive Chef from Rockliffe Hall Aaron Craig, University of Lincoln Events Officer Heather Knox, Tessa Snart, Shaeleigh Mackenzie, Lauren Wood and Alex Lewczuk move from Anna Lewis in Twickenham to William Coles in Edinburgh. Baylen Leonard and Leah Ross discuss the Birthplace of Country Music and their upcoming festival in Leicestershire followed by Native Voices founders Jean Bruce Scott and Randy Reinholz, `Dr Trek` Larry Nemecek, and directors Graeme Harper and Phil Leirness considering TV viewing habits and the correct pronunciation of Cecil B Demille.


Angela Rippon, Six Sixes, Native Voices and the Trump world in verse

Broadcaster Angela Rippon discusses her latest and upcoming documentary work before Jean Bruce Scott and Randy Reinholz consider cricket and poetry with Graham Lloyd followed by a fine closing sequence with Tessa Snart and Phil Hurdwood.


San Diego Comic-Con, Trump Protests,The Expert System`s Brother, Westworld , Native Voices and The York Maze

SFX Editor Richard Edwards launches the programme from the San Diego Convention centre followed by William Coles in Winchester, Anna Lewis in Shepherd`s Bush, Arthur Weingarten and Randy Reinholz back in San Diego . Award-winning novelist Adrian Tchaikovsky discusses his latest novella with Lauren Wood and Christian Arcabowicz before Tom Pearcy chats about his Jurassic Park themed York maze and the show concludes with Alex Lewczuk, Su Roys and Eva Macdonald at the seaside.


Airwolf, Native Voices, Fashion and Movies

Jean Bruce-Scott & film-maker Darren J Scales discuss `Darkwave`, `Airwolf` and more before Randy Reinholz shares his thoughts from another part of San Diego .  Kayleigh Carr  then discusses online buzz with Natasha Armstrong and Phil Leirness brings some key directorial advice to Tessa Snart and Holly McGratten.


Dinosaurs: Unextinct, Roaring Nights and Native Voices

The programme becomes firmly connected with California as Emily Marrin shares the delights of the LA City Zoo and Botanical gardens www.lazoo.org , Randy Reinholz and Jean Bruce Scott provide some highly perceptive theatrical observations and Phil Leirness reflects on his weekly sessions with the Los Angeles Breakfast Club

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